I still love my ex GF

My ex an i dated for about 5 years, we were inseparable. We had a daughter together and talked allot about getting married and just having a life together. After breaking up we stayed friends and went shopping for diapers and cloths for our daughter and it was as if we never broke up at all. while shopping she would hold on to me and flirt with me She would text me and call me and eventually led to us sleeping together again as "FWB". but in my head all i could think about is how our "Friendship" still feels like a serious relationship. That was a year ago maybe longer. Shes moved away back to her hometown an is about to get married any day now.. the thing is... even tho she moved and had a BF that's now about to be her husband.. we still see each other.. and have s** as if we needed each other to get that satisfaction. We say "i love you" every night before bed. say good morning when we wake up. im OK with this... i guess. but i just cant believe iv held on as long as i have. And i still want to hold on even tho it hurts me inside. My ex is truly the love of my life... an i feel like everyone only gets one in there lifetime. and im not letting mine go.. ever

Jul 11, 2014

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