My bro's hot friends

My brother is two years older than me, I'm 16 now and ever since I was small I would always end up liking one of he's friends. My problem with that is that they end up graduating and somehow I can never find someone else to "replace" them, It's not like I've been in a relationship with them but somehow those little stares and glances that we share during our free time just really stay on my mind. I always wonder whether or not the guy that I like thinks the same about me too. I would always catch my brother's friend (who I like) staring at me during recess and lunch, we had a 3 week vacation and that was a lot of time for me to kinda loosen up and forget about him i just persuaded myself to believe that liking him was stupid and that he probably didn't even know who I am. I've been back at school since Monday but today was the day that I saw him again it was after my second period when I saw him and he saw me walking out of my class, he was walking with a bunch of his guy friends and I was walking with my two best friends when he saw me he slowed down, glanced and we accidentally stared at each other awkwardly. After that incident I started to go a little crazy about him again but it wasn't until my final class was over, there were a lot of people rushing through the hallways to get the f*** home, I was on my way to the library when I thought I saw someone trying to look at me through the crowd so when I got nearer and there were less people my immediate reaction was to see who was looking at me , when the people finally moved I found myself staring right back and the guy that I liked , I stared at Him then quickly looked away, I think somehow he felt the awkwardness that I was feeling I saw him smile I smiled as well ten years later I was finally in the library I looked at myself through the glass doors and realised I've been blushing my cheeks redder than a Irish person's sunburn

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