Girlfriend and Roommate

I live in a suite in my college dorm with three other guys. One of the guy's is a football player and pretty popular with the girls. I did not know him very well and we got randomly assigned together that year. My girlfriend (dating for 2 years) is over alot and we would all hang out together sometimes. He is kinda cocky and he would walk around with his shirt off alot. My girlfriend never said anything about him to me, but I could tell she was checking him out. Some nights when she stayed over he would have one of his numerous s**** in his room and we could hear pretty much everything. I always wondered what my girlfriend thought until I came back early one weekend from my parent's house.

When I walked into our dorm, I could hear his bed creaking and the sound of skin slapping skin. The chick he was banging was moaning loud and egging him on to f*** her over and over. I decided to go outside and verify my suspicions that it was my girl. We live on the bottom level and he had left his blinds open, so when I looked into his window I saw her on her hands and knees getting f***** from behind. I watched as he drilled her over and over. He was much more aggressive than me by pulling her hair and smacking her ass until it was bright red. But she loved it and took his d*** for over 20 minutes until he was ready to c**. He took off his condom and shot his load all over her ass as she shook it in front of him. I thought I would be p***** but it really turned me on as I was watching so I figure as long as she is still f****** me I am not going to try to stop her. I might mention if she wants to have a threesome with me and him. I am sure she would love that.

Jul 21, 2014

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