My Affair

For the past 22 years I've been f****** my husbands best friend. We started having s** before I was married. When we had our engagement party me and my 'husband to be' best friend went outside for a cigerette. We were pretty drunk and he tried it on, I didn't stop him and we ended up having s** in a near by alley way. After that, the night before I got married, I was out with a few friends and I seen him out with his friends, he took me home and I started freaking out about getting married, so we went upstairs to my room and had a long night of s**. The morning I got married to my husband and I made myself a promise that I wouldn't cheat again. But as night came, I ended up in my husbands best mates hotel room, as he f***** my brains out. He f***** me before my husband did on our wedding night and for the last 22 years I've been meeting up with him to have s** with him.

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  • Do you really think hubby doesn't know?

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