Can't stop fantasizing about men

When I was fourteen I had a friend who got me really h**** by going through Playboy magazines with me and talking about how great a b****** from one of those hot women would be. Then he started talking about how a mouth is just a mouth, really, and when your eyes are closed it doesn't matter who's blowing you. He asked me if I'd ever give a guy a b****** for any amount of money. I said I would. He asked if I'd ever be willing to do it for free. I hesitated, and he told me that he knew he was gay and that he'd been jerking off while thinking of me since he was twelve. He wanted to suck my c*** to see what it felt like. He also wanted me to suck his c***. He wanted me to be his first experience. I was nervous as h***, but I was flattered and very turned on. I agreed to it. He sucked me first, then I got on my knees and sucked him. We didn't c**, and we didn't talk about it again for a couple of months.

Eventually we talked about it again, which led to us fooling around again. I came in his mouth that time. I think we were fifteen. I let him c** in my mouth, too. Neither of us swallowed that time. As the years passed we started fooling around even more. Kissing, touching each other, swallowing each other's loads. I cheated on two girlfriends with him. He cheated on three boyfriends with me. It got to the point where I could send him a message and say "come suck my c***" and he'd come right over.

He's been in a serious relationship now for a few years, which means I haven't fooled around with him. Lately all I can think about when I j*** off is having a hard d*** in my mouth. I love feeling that throbbing c*** jerking in my mouth, I love feeling it spasm as a guy c*** and fills my mouth with his hot, sticky seed. I love swallowing it and licking up every drop. I love feeling a man running his fingers through my hair, hearing him moan my name, hearing the sounds he makes as he c***. I love looking down at a man as he gets on his knees for me, as he sucks me to completion and swallows everything I give him. I love kissing a man and tasting my c** in his mouth.

God, I need to suck a c***. I'm so eager to get on my knees for a man. I want to blow a married man, no strings attached. I want to be his secret, his bi lover on the side. None of the guys I've tried to pick up on Craigslist have ever come through. How do I find a guy? God, I need it.

Aug 3, 2014

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  • Hot, all of it, and more dudes did that when we were kids than probably admit (might be embarrassing or whatever) - had a buddy when we were maybe b/t 10 & 12, used to rub our little boners together every time we were alone & nobody was around, both turned out straight, married, kids, the whole 9 - I think now that we're adults it doesn't "turn us on" anymore 'cause we don't like kids, and that's what we were, but we all still remember what happened, trust me. Personally not embarrassed, no bad memories of it, was fun, didn't know why we liked it, just felt good - we were too young to shoot loads or anything, but knew it was something that felt good as weird as it was.

  • Well where are you I'm married and want to f*** a guy

  • I will f*** ur crock for free. Do u live in michigan

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