Just so you know.

Hey ya'll. I just wanted to tell someone that I cut. I hate myself when I do it which makes me do it again. I have thought about the choking game but it doesnt seem like it would work. I was sexual abused and my biological idiot gave up his rights for drugs and alcohol. So I guess I'm not worth the trouble. I expect to see rude comment about how stupid I am or whatever so have it.


Aug 5, 2014

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  • "Hey y'all, so I have lots of paaaaaain and like every other teenage attention w**** ever I cut but not enough people are bursting into tears over my scars, so hey y'all, I cuuuuuuutttttt"

    All the attempts at reverse psychology up there? They're actually true. You have many reasons to hate yourself. Hit an artery.

  • All I can say to all of you out there, including myself, get down on your hands and knees daily and thank God if you had decent parents. Here is a good example of the lasting effects on someone who was unfortunate enough not to. My first wife was totally screwed up by an alcoholic father who beat h*** out of all the kids, including the girls, for the most trivial offenses. He never showed an ounce of love to any of them. I still clearly remember when their father died, not a single tear was shed by any of them. I tried to be the best husband I could to compensate. She was too far gone and I eventually had to give up and leave to keep my sanity. A real tragedy.

  • Dani your not an idiot please stop cutting ur worth something in this world if u go to school and graduate and get an awesome job things for u will get better.
    Stay awesome

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