My confession

Please just someone tell me if life is worth living if all you ever felt was complete suffering. Since I was little, I was hurt and abused and my health is ruined and this is not gonna change for me because it seems that life doesnt give me a chance to be happy.. So I think I should just get rid of all my pain and take my life away. I TRIED so much to fight but apparently nothing ever changes because I'm still the same, only it gets worse and worse and worse as the time passes (its the truth). Can someone tell me if its okay to kill myself? Sticking around just to go through h*** everyday doesnt sound fun at all...

Jan 9, 2012

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  • You poor person. I almost indirectly caused my sis to kill herself. she thaught I got all the attention, and so the tried to slit her wrists, but my mom found her before. If life's being a d***, then move away.

  • Don't do it. You may be hurting now, but that won't last. The pain your friends and family will feel if you do, will last. Trust me...

  • Don't do it. You may be hurting now, but it won't last forever. The pain your friends and family will feel if you do, will last. Trust me.

  • Please, please do not kill yourself. Be brave look forward; if life is a b****, and for sure it can be that way, show that b**** you are brave; play the cards you're dealt and choose to be happy; you would be surprised how many we are in your position and we choose to keep on going; invest in a cause or someone worth it, mainly children who suffer for a reason or another.

  • It does get better. Maybe not instantly, but it'll get better. Everything does. Life is oddly beautiful sometimes, and even if it sucks occasionally, it's worth working through the s***** times to get to the good ones, and they'll come to you. Just hang in there.

  • i had two alcoholic parents growing up. With a lot of reading and talking, i found happiness comes from my own decisions. Life is a gift, it really is. Even if you just work at a grocery store and pay rent, it's still better than being dead. Be a sculptor, painter, musician, anything. Work for the government maybe, it's more satisfying than you'd think. Life is different all over the place, explore it.

  • Remember that happiness is a decision and change is always possible. Keep busy, find a purpose, something to throw your heart into and it will change your perspective. If you are inclined, God is always there, just turn and ask for help.

  • Please, please don't kill yourself. It gets easier. Days get brighter. Just hold on, please, for me. There are so many people that love you and would be devastated if you were gone. I know what you're going through, because I went through the same thing. Just hold on. Life is worth it. It gets better. <3

  • I'll just put it this way, in the USA, it's against the law to kill yourself

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