One night stand/Ten years younger.

I haven't told anyone this but just have to get it off my chest.I'm a 32 year old married mother of 2.My husband and I have hardly any s** nowadays because he is impotent.At first it was premature e********** then he just lost interest altogether.I tried my best but the stress of his job was too much.I told him get a new job but he wouldn't want to go through all that.
Anyway away on his business trip,my mum babysitting I decided to go out with my friends.It had been a while but I had quite a few drinks and danced till I sweat.I stood near the bar getting drinks with a friend and said that a few guys are looking at me.I turned to see and were surprised that they were all younger men,maybe early 20's.I was flattered,I mean I do look after myself so it was nice to see that was noticed.
Well as the night went on into the early morning my friends had all said goodbye and that's when one of the guys came to talk to me.He asked if came here much,so I told him not for a while.I said I've got a kid free night.I thought the mention of kids would scare him but it didn't.Well we spoke for a long time and he even bought me drinks.
Then about an hour before the club shut I said I was going home and he offered to take me.Well the 20 or so minute walk was interesting,he told me his age,21 and he was shocked that I was 32,he never asked if I was married but I don't think it would've bothered him.
We got through the door and he entered when I invited him in.We sat on the couch and a little neat whiskey.Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me,I expected it was gonna happen and kissed him back.I laid back and he laid on top making out with me.Wasn't long before his hand made its way up my dress and down my panties.He rubbed me till i was wet then pulled my pants off and went down on me.I keep it very tidy down there so he really went to work on my p****.I was officially aroused and starting to show it.He took my dress off and bra and sucked my b**** whilst fingering me.Then he removed his clothes and I was surprised at the size of his d***,he might have been a young man but he had a grown mans tool.Yes maybe 8/9 inches.
Well i decided against sucking him so he put it straight into me.A little resistance but he soon got it right up me.
He f***** me for quite sometime and I many o******,almost forgot what they felt like.He knew what he was doing which made me think we should've used a rubber.
Lastly he put me on my knees to finish us off,I came once more then he shot his load into me and carried on for a bit.Then we lay there and slept.
I woke about 6 and it was just getting light so he got dressed kissed me and left.
It was a h*** of a night that was naughty of me but I needed it.Would I meet him again,h*** yeah.

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  • Your a great gal, every women needs a good f****** every now and then. I know that he will happily come round for seconds. Sounds like you had a ball of a time. Good luck with your new play mate.

  • Liked your story, very hot! Hopefully you will get some more kid free nights in the future. If you do, bring some condoms and get your p**** pounded. Did you get his number?

  • Yes I did get his number and I've been thinking about texting him.

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