My 8 year old experience with my best friends mom

This might be classified as strange but to me it was very exciting. About the time I was 8 years old I would go over to my friends house to play. Somehow, and I can’t remember how or why, I kissed his mom on the arm, maybe I was told to. Anyway I did this several times over the next few weeks. Then one day,she was standing at the kitchen sink and I just decided to come up and got down and kissed her on the leg, then again and at one point as I kissed her leg I looked up, I guess expecting to see her panties, but no she had nothing on and what a sight for 8 year old. At that point in my life, I did not know anything about anything. After that every Saturday I would go play with my friend and try to just look up her dress or gown if it was early in the morning before she got dressed. It seems she never wore panties at least at home. I think her husband had knowledge of my adventures, he was not home most of the time. Well as everything good must come to an end, one Saturday morning I went into her bedroom and she was leaning over to get something out of her dresser drawers and I got down almost under her and was looking up at all her glory when I realized that she was leaning over and looking directly at me. Of course I was terrified and embarrassed but all she said was maybe it is time you go back any play with Rich. I did and never looked up her dress again. But still to this day she was my first experience with sexual desire even if I did not recognize it then. She never said anything to my mom, at least I assume and I never had a talk with her or her husband about it. I am now 69 and still love thinking about her and what else could have happened.


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  • Hey wanna chat? My nanna used to make me look up her skirt at her p**** when i visited. Evemtually When i was about 8 i remember waking up and i was dressed in a skirt and tights and girls panties. My grandad was rubbing my crotch area and grandma was stroking my head saying to relax. They were saying things that aroused me even at that age. if u wanna chat.

  • That's hot I wish I was grandpa playing with your 8 yr old c*** in panties

  • I think that at 8 or 9 years old, I had no idea about anything, but seeing a vag*** for the first time in my life got me started on the right track. It was many more years before I saw my Second one. But the excitement was I was seeing something that was private and secret.

  • I think it was quite a few years before I saw my second V. But sometime as a teenage boy, I had 3 20 something girls living next door and I like many other boys my age would try to peep in their windows. I found one lucky night that one of the girls had left her curtains open and there she was completely nude. What a view and what an ever lasting memory.

  • When I was 13 my parents divorced and I would find my mom around the house passed out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked. She is the first grown up woman I ever saw nude and I was able to feel her up sucking her nipples while fingering her. All my first sexual experience with the opposite s** was from my drunk passed out cold sleeping mother and she never woke up

  • I preteen daughter is a tease.

  • Omg preteen how hot are they.

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