Twin Wife

I f***** my wife's twin sister one night and I didn't even know it at first.  My wife's twin sister was fighting with her husband one night and she asked if she could spent the night.  My wife and her started drinking and then came the man bashing, so I decided to go to bed.  Now my wife and her sister are twins, but they are not identical so I do know the difference between them, even if others don't. Anyway,  so I was asleep when I was woken up by my wife's voice.  She was loud and drunk and she asked if I wanted to have s**. Now I'm always game for s**, so I let her pull my clothes off.  There was only one thing that was odd, her voice didn't sound like it came from the bed, but then again I was asleep, so maybe I just didn't hear her right.  I let her start sucking my d*** and I'm loving every bit of it, then she started kissing me all over. I just assumed she was so h**** because she was drunk. She finally got on top of me and slid her p**** down on my hard c***. She then started to ride me like a wild cowgirl, it was unbelievable,  but I still chocked it up to her being drunk. We f***** for a good half hour before I finally shot a load deep in her p****. She moaned several times and then leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth.  It was then that I figured out it was my wife's sister. See my wife's sister has a pierced tongue and my wife doesn't, so I knew then that it wasn't my wife.  After she kissed me she got up and went to the bathroom. My wife came back and got in bed. She hugged me and said that was amazing s** baby. I don't think she knows that her sister kissed me or that I know.  It's been several weeks now and she still hasn't said anything. I can't decide if I should tell her I know or let it be. What do you all think? Tell her I know or let it go?

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  • Don't say a word!! Keep playing the role my man, if wifey approved so should you. Keep taking one or two for the team 😜

  • My husband and his brother have pulled the same thing on me several times. My husband and his younger brother are not twins, but they LOOK like twins. His younger brother is my age. My husband is older than us. The first time they did that we were still just dating. What gave him away is that the brother's p**** is slightly crooked to one side. I wasn't serious about my boyfriend so I just happily pretended not to notice and ENJOYED the ride! It happened one more time that I know of before our relationship got serious. Both times I wondered if my boyfriend was in on it or not.

    After things got serious and we got engaged I figured that kind of stuff was over. After we were back from our honeymoon and my husband was back to work, we had started a routine of my husband coming home for a fast lunch and then s** before going back to work. I'd be naked and have lunch ready and I'd blow him until he was done eating. Our place was less than 5 minutes from work so we had lots of fun.

    Then one afternoon I noticed almost too late that things were different. Once I had his p**** in my face I realized that he wasn't my husband. Since my brother in law was wearing my husband's clothes he went to work in this morning I now KNEW my husband was in on it. Fooling me in the dark is one thing but in DAY LIGHT! That was foolish! I figured since my husband was in on the switch, I had permission and went for it. If I had met the brother first I would have gone for him instead anyhow. This went on until we moved further away two years later.

    After we moved, and the switching stopped, I allowed us to start trying to have children. The next time they tried to pull that I didn't let them get away with it. I didn't blow my brother in law's cover but I did not let him get with me. Once my husband was back I confronted him about it all. Embarrassed, he never tried it again.

  • Elementary my boy. Certainly whenever one is in doubt, it's wise to say nothing. Moreover, whenever one is in the position of deception upon another, aside from loved ones, stop & consider methods of exercising it to your advantage. In this case, although it's your wife, she undeniably attempted to deceive YOU thus ; now it would be wise to stay in script. Perhaps you will encounter a situation where her not realizing that you know she set you up with her sister can be employed as a tool of leverage toward ____ you fill in the space. After all, she wanted to play games. Have some fun with it.

  • Tell her that your sure cuz you were so sleepy but that could you felt tongue piercing when you kissed after f****** her and watch her facial expressions don't make obvious that you are observing her expressions .. if she admits then you could tell that you didn't that she would be ok with sharing with her sister but that she could just told you to f*** her ..

  • Keep that in your pocket and see if you can't get her to admit some things with a little talk about sisters sharing and what not.

  • I dated a twin once, and they had some crazy bond that no one else understood. They shared everything, from cloths to food to the same bed. I never had s** with my girlfriends sister, but I probably could have if I had tried to. Her sister would kiss me right in front of my girlfriend and it was like no big deal to them. Her sister grabbed my junk onetime and said "me and my sister share everything, you know that right". It was like some crazy s*** the way they acted some times.

  • Wow and u didnt f*** her? wtf man

  • I know, thinking back I should have fųçķęd her, but I was young and dumb back then.

  • Fake

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