Displayed naked

My friend tied me to a tree and pulled down my pants in front of girls. I still remember girls going crazy watching me get an erection while my friend peed himself with laughter. Never felt so humiliated having to stand there with everything on show. Since then I go out of my way to avoid those girls, but the ones that weren't there already know I got stripped and told I got a h******. Total loss dignity.

Aug 13, 2014

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  • Got in a fight with another girl that beat the crap out of me and lifted my skirt to humiliated me. Next thing I knew she managed to get my panties down to my knees, because boys were telling her to rip them off. I was pinned down long enough for every boy could take a look before letting me go. Spent two years watching boys telling all the other boys all the juicy details. Happed four years ago and still have nightmares about it.

  • I once saw a bunch girls ganging up and beating a girl in in my school. She ended up on the ground with her panties torn off, legs spread and her p**** wide open. I also remember the girl sitting on her chest, telling her if she liked boys looking at her p**** while my friends an I watched her entire crotch. We even got to see her c*** and all the way down to her butt hole. Turned out to be the sexiest thing that ever happened in school and wished they would have popped her t*** out and get to see the whole barn. She went home that day panty less and no one got into trouble for it but we all now know what she looks like naked.

  • PPL r so freakin evil

  • Find out if the other girls liked it and offer yourself to them (1 or more). Be thankful and try being their submissive. let me know what happens

  • Sorry for multiple posts, thought they are don't submit themselves, plz delete duplicate ones :)

  • I will just leave it here: best-free-ebooks[dot]com/controversial/how-to-ruin-someones-life/

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