Im sorry Bj, Im so sorry

So over the summer I got really close to this guy. I thought that I was helping him with stuff like groceries or letting him use my phone. He told me that I could vent to him about anything. Well, one night my entire family had p***** me off and so I went to vent to him. We drove around town for a while in my car and he suggested these really cool places to hang out and talk about stuff. He basically just gave me directions like "left here" or "just straight". Eventually he tricked me into taking him to his drug dealers house and I felt so used and p***** and sad so I just left him at his drug dealers house. I haven't heard from him since. This was six days ago. I keep making the joke that I'm going to have to buy a Ouija Board just to talk to him but in all honesty I think he's dead and I blame myself.

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  • He tricked you into taking him to his drug dealer and you feel guilty for ditching him? LOL... no. Just no.

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