I'm a bi man, attracted to strange types of men

I like girls and guys, with women it's kind of normal, the hotter the better, blondes, big t***, the usual.

But with men, the more "attractive" the regular world sees him, he's probably not what I'd like, I like the opposite of what the rest of the world seems to like BUT not ever able to really find one to be with, kind of a weird twist.

All the kinds of men I like have 1 thing in common, the stupider the better, that's one of the hottest things there is, no idea why 'cause I'm not. A dude can be really ugly, really mean to the point of abusive, but if he starts talking and he's obviously REALLY stupid, it makes me want to get on my knees and suck his d***.

I like redneck dudes that can't even spell their own name, missing teeth, and you can smell their armpits from a mile away. I like ugly men that have really thick "coke bottle glasses" but are really cocky & don't know they're ugly. I like dudes that are borderline mentally retarded (for real) that play with themselves no matter where they are 24/7 & have pretty much permanent boners. I like really skinny redheaded trailer park kind of men with a thick red bush & sweaty smelly b**** & huge d**** (cut d****, all men have to be cut). I like really hairy men, the kind that are too self conscious to take their shirts off in public, and if they have a small beer gut & wear tight briefs with p*** stained crotches my d*** gets h****** the spot. I like men that are short, going bald, have really small d**** buried in a thick bush and really self-conscious about it but that get so hard it's like a steel rod.

If I could have a man that was a f*** buddy for the rest of my life (I'm 32), he'd be this: dirt poor, lives in a scummy trailer park, dumber than a box of hair, have short red hair that was receding, thick framed coke bottle glasses, sit around in the same white briefs and black socks 24/7, constantly plays with himself no matter who's around, his trailer smells like really ripe armpits, p***, and leftover j*** he blew - and expects me to be between his legs whenever he feels like it, lick his sweaty hairy b****, suck his d***, and swallow everything his d*** has to offer. And on that note I'm so hard just writing this it's making me crazy.

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