CAring for elderly parent

I resent every second that I spend caring for narcissistic elderly father who verbally and emotionally abused my mom for years and then tried it with me. Hes a little nicer now that he dependent on me but that dosent change the fact that he poo pooed me when I had a life threatening illness a few years ago.

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  • 2 words will take care of the problem .. Nursing Home

  • Caring for a sick parent is one the best things any child can ever do, regardless of the prior or present relationship. It's good, it's honorable, and it's noble. Yes, it's an incredible burden, and an impossible task, especially when the previous connection was frayed or severed, but that can be cured by forgiveness, whether or not it's actually spoken. Remember: forgiveness is not only for the benefit of the one forgiven. In fact, it's not even primarily about the one forgiven. Forgiveness is mostly for the great, great benefit of the forgiver. Trust me, I know what I talking about. On both counts.

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