I am gay and I have a gf who wdoesnt

I am gay and I have a gf who wdoesnt know. One night she begged me to have s** with her and punched me in the face when I said no. I got really made and threw her to the ground and kept kicking untill she stopped stuggling, I told her I was gay and she didn't make me horney but she still wasn't moving. I bent down to kiss her on the cheqk but she wasn't breathing anymoew. I pankiced and put her in the cubberd. Two days later she sttarted to stink so I took her to the dump qnd threw her awqay. A couple of daysater her parwnts rang me and asked if I had seen her. I couldn't tell then that I had killed her so I lied and told her that I hadn't seen her asince ahe had gone parting on thre weekend. That she cqalled me telling me that she wwas going out with a friend and that was th3e lastt time I had talked to her. I fekk soo guilty but I can't get caught my family depends on my completion in collager to get a good job.it would devistate them and I couldn't do it tp them. I miss her so much but im gay and I just vouldnt bare more s** that I just didn't enjoy! I need a man. And I can't when every time I look at a man I think of what I did

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  • your a bullshit artist aswell

  • Go hand yourself in. You'll be found out eventually.

  • come on man now they are just getting patheitc and now that you have admitted that your gay shut the fuckup and go f*** your dog you f****** dumbass c*********

  • Same f****** liar! damnit a******, stop writing these little fake short stories! this is not a site to write stories, its a site to confess secrets. You do not even know how to spell, thats how I know you typed the last bullshit entry about killing your cheating girlfriend, real original buddy! LOSER

  • All F*** should die

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