Spiralling out of control

I am a male in my early fifties. A couple of years ago I got fired and would be home alone every day while the wife was at work. Here I was, middle aged, chubby and with an evaporated career. I got some money from the company, enough to make it through the year so I thought I would try to fulfill my true destiny and find out what really makes me tick. It took some time for me to acknowledge it but in the end I realized that all I wanted was being a s***. It might have had something to do with the fact that I spent many hours a day watching hard core p***. Anyway, I bought some fitness equipment and started working out. Now I have a well trained body and a harem to indulge in every whim. I have a tight slutty asian girl who is very submissive and will do whatever I want from her, I got me a little slave girl whom I tie up, spank and fist f***, I got me a goody goody businesswoman with a perfect slender body who can never resist the booty call and I have a b**** Mistress with a great body, she clothes me in one of her dresses, whips me and takes me with a strap on. I have never been good at one nighters but I lulled these women into s** only relationships and I have a couple of more 'projects' that will pay off later. I started taking v***** on a regular basis to keep up with my own desires and make it possible to have s** for six to eight hours in a row. I tried to talk my wife into more adventurous s**, she would have none of it but she gave me permission for all this crazy stuff, as long as I keep doing her too (although strictly missionary style). Sometimes, when I'm really h**** and nobody is available, I go to the park and suck some anonymous c***. It's good times, but I almost got no time left for 'normal' stuff, like having a beer with my buddies, seeing relatives, going out. Or even work. And that's starting to suck a bit.

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  • Right there with you buddy. Have a few chicks and one dude I mess around with, but staying hard and getting off is about all I think about anymore, really into it. Once in a while I'll take an OTC b**** pill to see how many times without taking breaks I can squirt, push myself pretty hard, ha. I think if most dudes were given the choice, that's what it would all be about anyway, there wouldn't be any guilt or anything, 'cause all men are all about their d****, and if they're not they're either lying for some reason or they're hiding what they do when they're alone. A little younger than you, 34, but have the s** drive of a 13 year old, I can get hard, f*** or j*** off for a few hours, take 5 minutes off to p*** & start over - most of the time now people think that's what tweakers & meth heads do, but with me, I smoke pot, I do acid once in a while, but no drugs really to get me into this kind of world. After a while when the endorphins and testosterone are flying, there's an out of body thing that happens, your d*** is all there is, almost feels like it's not yours anymore, bring yourself right where you're gonna blast a load & back off for a few seconds, and keep going like that all day/night. Most dudes don't know what it's like to have that feeling, they go for a little bit, dribble their wad & they're done, but when you go & go & go, your b****'s like a big muscle, the vein under your b**** is like a pump, and the longer you go & back off & go again & back off, it's like a fire hose everytime I squirt, have had chicks tell me they've never felt pressure inside them like when I blow, and this one kid that blows me tells me he has to know everytime when I'm gonna blow my load so he can handle the amount of j*** and the force it hits him with in is throat and mouth - might sound like I'm lying, but I'm not, bragging yeah for sure. But roll with it man, it's all about our d****, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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