No one else knows

I started this around march of this year.. coming from a fairly conservative family, this is a BIG DEAL. no one else, even my friends know this about me. On the outside, I'm this average goody-good, innocent girl.
I never knew anything about s**, p*** or anything in that subject matter until this march. I started to watch online p*** almost every night. This makes me feel guilty knowing that no one should know about it.

I want to stop.
I don't know if this is normal or not.
but I want to stop.

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  • - P*** can be very addictive - Start out by stopping one day at a time - Remember no matter how long you may have gone without looking at p***, i.e. days, weeks, months, etc, it's always a day at 3f2qa time - GOOD LUCK

  • There is honestly nothing wrong with it. Everyone comes into sexuality in a different way. There is no 'right' way to go about it, although I guess there are some wrong ways, but those involve bad and abusive people hurting others, not young'ns innocently browsing the internet. The internet taught me everything I really needed to know about s** ed and my body, and a whole lot I didn't need to know, lol. My biggest advice: not knowing what p*** you watch, I can't say for sure, but I feel like regardless, keep in mind that p*** is NOT an accurate representation of real s**. If and when you do get ready to do the dirty... it's not gonna be much like that. Trying to make it like that is usually pretty disappointing. So. Do your best to learn what actual s** between regular ol' people is like [and again, everyone does it differently, so there is no right or wrong, just what feels good] and get to know your body, for your own safety as well as pleasure. Just do lots of research from lots of different places, not just p***! Don't be embarassed to read up on things :>

  • Cheer up and stop coming down h****** yourself just because your were probably taught to feel ashamed and guilty about s** as you were growing up, but it really is not a BIG DEAL. human sexuality is nothing more then normal, natural behavior and is not perverted in any way so there is nothing wrong with viewing the natural acts of s**, in fact I would believe that you could even gain a bit of sexual knowledge that might even be helpful in your future sexual relationships, your friends don't need to know everything about you, there has to be a little space and privacy in everyone's life and we all have our little secrets that only we ourselves or someone else that we can trust knows and no one is completely innocent! because innocence = ignorance so you could say that when you started watching p*** you lost your sexual ignorance and gained your sexual knowledge which is not bad at all because as humans we all seek to know more because deep with in ourselves we've come to realize that knowledge is power. but if you want to stop that's your choice! I'm just saying what you're doing is as normal and natural as can be! and there should be no guilt or shame in that.

  • Might want to look into adult s** educators. They are great at counseling people on accepting and exploring sexual aspects of their lives.

  • It's normal, as is masturbating. It's just not something people talk about and family and friends generally don't want to discuss with you. But it is normal and there is nothing wrong about it.

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