I cheat on my wife every night with p*** and s** chats. i know its wrong but it gives me a high that i never get from her. i love looking at pics of little girls shed masturbating to them. i would never do anything in real life to a young girl but i
love to look at pics of them

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  • Go get help !

  • One time when I was watching p*** and click on something I though was going to show but it was a 7 year old girl having s** with a 50 year old man I was sicken by the s** act and wanted to report it and of course it's in a different country .
    That s*** is wrong and the sad thing is this child has no idea what harm it's going to do when she gets older !

    You may enjoy watching child p*** but next time remember more then likely she had been thrown into a human s** trafficking that needs to be stopped .

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