I really want to have s** with my mother in law and I desperately want a b.j. from my sister in law (she has the hottest eyes) they talk about s** all the time and I am the good son in law I have a good job and always help out with their problems. My wife is fantastic but not very adventurous in the bed room and I never get blow jobs no matter what I do. (when we were dating I got them all the time) But lately they have been openly talking about s** and I find myself thinking about taking my MIL from behind and f****** her analy (she talks about how much she likes it) and my SIL talks to me about how her baby daddy quits his job whenever something p***** him off and they have children. We always help out when we can but all he does is sit around playing video games and smoking pot. I go over and fix stuff around the house and he is either in his "game" room or out. I just want to take her big ass t*** (both of them have some really big nice t***) and suck on them while either one plays with my d***. I have had a wet dream about f****** my MIL in the ass. But again I would never do anything as I am the boy scout but G******* stop hugging me and pressing you books into me and then laughing when I get awkward look on my face.
F****** just grab my D***!!!!!!!

Sep 1, 2014

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