Editing video for family and friends.

I shoot and edit video for many events. Have done p*** shot by others into a finished product. I add music and some special effects.
Its GOOD money especially to protect the identity of those who shoot it.

Local man very wealthy hired me to edit video he had shot or had shot by others. Him and his wife, her girl friend and few others who joined them. He enjoyed watching his wife with a few woman, one in general he had a lot of footage of. My sister came over for help with her camera and watched a few minutes of the movie.
She was impressed and liked the music and effects. Said she would like ot do that her self.

Two weeks later She delivers me Mini DV and some DVD's she has shot. "Edit this into a p*** for me" told it would be the anaversary gift for her husband.
She did not tell me it was her in the footage. I have to watch the footage to render and edit, over and over again. Then the final product before finalizing. Its pretty upsettign to watch your sister have s**. Worse is her having s** with some strange guy. Brother in law f****** a strange young girl and a much older woman. My sister getting and giving to these females as well. I ask if the young girl was of age, she said for all we know. She lives in the neighborhood and we wanted to have her in our bed some night.
I finished the video and gave her back everything. I begged her to burn the footage for fear of this girls age. I hope she listened.

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  • Hi its an interesting story.what program do you use for editing videos?

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