Not what I expected

I did a p***, A REAL P***! I live in L.A. and I am 22 years old. I started dating a gut a few months ago. He is super hot and has a large c***. He was very honest and told me up front that he occasionally makes a little spare money doing p*** shoots. He's no big start nor name you would recognize. The "no name" guys in this kinda thing make crap money. It's like, show up, get $100, you get to bang a hot chick, shut up. This wasn't anything serious so I was OK with it.
One day he actually asked me to come with him and watch a shoot. He only had one scene, it was a 3sum with two males and a girl. Well it didn't go well. The girl showed up TRASHED! She was so high she couldn't function and kept stopping things saying she felt like she had to throw up. Finally the guy in charge stopped things. He threw her out and gave her $20 for a cab. He and the camera guys stood around talking for a half an hour then I got surprised. The head guy walked over to me and asked if I wanted to make $200 cash. He said he needed to shoot the scene no matter what to finish up. My boyfriend was all for it! I told him "I don't think so", I mean I am not some hot p*** star. I have a nice body but I am not super hot with rock hard D cup t***. I am a big decent C cup at best. They kept it up until I said yes.
Although I spent the next two hours getting f***** by two hot guys with big c****, it wasn't at all what i expected. There was a lot of starting and stopping. Changing positions, getting a better angle, better lighting. The guys would lose their erection during pauses. It was actually work. Finally when the guy thought he had enough footage to edit a decent scene he "ordered" the guys to finish up. I barely got on my knees before both of them were giving me a facial. I was amazed they could c** on demand.
That night I actually brought that up with my boyfriend. He laughed and said "if you can't c** when they want you to, you don't get asked back". I test it sometimes when we have s**. I will abruptly stop and demand he c**. It is so funny!

Nov 8

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