Plugged In Public

I am a 47 yr old, married, totally straight guy who happens to enjoy wearing a butt plug in public. I've had one in while running errands, at the grocery store, going out to dinner with friends, and even to see a movie. For me, it's a kind of kinky thrill to have that intense a*** and prostate stimulation and no one knows my secret.

Am I the only one?

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  • If you were the only one, every s** shop in the world would not be selling butt plugs.

  • God, I am so over that "am i teh only 1" bullshit. You see it around here so often that I envision the person spouting it as the dumb variety of s*** badly "pretending" to be surprised her Daisy Dukes have just fallen down... again. That phrase is just a line of lame, coy horseshit that doesn't convey innocence, just stupidity.

    To use just one of many examples: "lol i sniff panty's teehee am i the only oen?" Uhhh, that tired old theme makes up about 25% of the so-called confessions in this sad place. You're either illiterate, a moron, or both.

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