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Ive been in a relationship for a year now. ive never cheated and he would never cheat on me neither. However, for the past 6 months our relationship turned sour. He's muslim too, we became arguing all the time about everything, he would ignore my emotions and feelings, call me names, leave me and I used to leave him aswell. One day an argument became really bad, we argued all day and he left me, he made me beg and beg him back and he refused me, he also said he was gonna go get someone else. It killed me even though my family, and my best friends hate him it killed me. His cousin has been there through all of it. we became very close, and we see eachother every night just to talk, (hes a virgin). The same night my bf leaves me Im with is cousin hanging out. he talks to me makes me feel much better, tells me its gnna be ok blah blah. we some how get into a conversation about me taking his virginity. And I did, it happened so fast only once. we both felt terrible about it and agreed to never repeat It or tell anyone. I sometimes feel sick to my stomach, but I don't think I did anything that wrong. me and bf got back together the next day. And im happy. im never gonna tell anyone.

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  • You feel like you did nothing wrong because you did nothing wrong. In fact, if the attraction is still there between you and the cousin, give him another shot at that prize. My guess is that he wants it -- badly -- and would leap at the chance. S** is to be enjoyed. So......enjoy the h*** out of it.

  • You did him a sexy favor. Its a great start. Keep going. Have fun. Move on. Life is worth much more than just crying and keeping people who want to go.

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