Extra cream in her coffee

I was at an internship at a 24 hour clinic. Due to the lack of workers around 11 pm, i was left with a very pretty women. She was married but only 23. She was blonde with a hourglass figure. Anyways, during our training, we were going through sterilizing tools. A patient came in so she left me to finish. I was sitting in her office for about 10 minutes. I already finished and was bored. I saw her bag in the corner, i was hoping to find the bra i knew she wasn't wearing. When ever she bends down i can have full view of her b******. I found a black lacy bra, and some tights. I locked the door, and jerked off. I was sniffing the crotch of the tights while the bra was wrapped around my c***. Nearing climax i was trying to find a tissue, but right on her desk, was a cup of coffee. I aimed and shot my entire load right there. She came back soon and drank her coffee. She asked if it was mine because it didnt taste like her original cup!

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  • Can't go wrong with a little extra protein c:

  • Great.........now this MARRIED woman is carrying all your STDs.

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