Walked in on during Shower

I was in the bathroom having a shower when my mother in law comes in to wash her hands. She just walked in not even asking if it was ok for her to do so. In most bathrooms this wouldn’t be a problem but in ours we have glass shower doors and you can fully see the person in the shower. I turned my back to her to save myself some dignity. Once she finished washing her hands she grabbed some tooth floss and began flossing her teeth. She was leaning against the counter and looking my way. She made no effort to conceal that she was looking at me and made no indication she would be leaving soon. I then quickly finished my shower so I could grab my towel and cover up. As soon as the water got turned off she grabbed my towel and held it out for me. I stepped out and she stepped back to get a better look at me. She looked more and finally said she was surprised my privates were hairless. She said she had never seen a guy hairless down there before, then gave me my towel and left.

My embarrassment continued when she mentioned to others she had seen me naked and my goods are hairless.

Sep 13, 2014

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  • My sister found out you could open bedrooms and bathrooms doors with a match stick. She used her new found trick open the bathroom door while I was in the shower. Didn't hear the click with the shower running or the curtain being drawn open. Turned around and there was my sister sitting with her next door girlfriend checking me out. Had to finish rising off the soap, stepping out to get my towel because both had no intention of leaving. Swallowed my shame and dignity big time and didn't say a word about it.

  • That is sexual harassment and entirely inappropriate. Talk to your wife. Se needs to tell her to back off, before mum tries to get into your pants.

  • That's a bull that's full of S***!

  • That's a b**** in need of a f******.

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