I confess I seduced a girl

I confess that I did something real naughty and real pathetic , I’m a 17 year old Virgin and last year, I met a girl who looked just like my first Girlfriend. The only difference was she was 13, I figured that our age difference was not very bad. We went to her house and we were all alone, so we were bored and since she was in the mood, she took off her cloths first, she said. Do you wanna look inside my P**** or not. She showed me hers, it was Hairless. Than she showed her b**** to me. than after 15-25 mins of non-stop kissing, we took it all off from head to toe nakedness and we had s**, we didn’t bother with the blankets, and after blowing my load in her v***** on the bed, we both went to the shower where we did it even longer for a over a hour, just the two of us hugging and kissing and s**. Than I left her place, we never done it again, her parents found out somebody had s** in her room because they smelled the s** between us, weeks later I found out she was pregnant and I never seen her ever again, but it’s fine, I know she never told anybody about us having s**. I never knew what happened to the baby, if she had kept it or not. I might never know.

Mar 16, 2021

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