I hate this kid

I'm living with a family and don't have to pay rent because I play with their kid and talk with him in English (in a non-English speaking country in Europe). This was only supposed to be a temporary thing (2-3 months tops) and now it's going to be almost four months. Hopefully I'll be able to get out of here soon. Yes, I'm glad I don't pay rent, but I still hate spending time with that little rugrat.

Everything about him and living with him just p***** me off. I hate the idiotic "games" he wants to play, like building a lego tower and them having him scream at you because you did it the way he told you to and then he lies and says it was a different way. I hate the sound of his stupid little voice. I hate how I am sometimes finally enjoying some time alone watching youtube videos or whatever the h*** else, and then he gets home and immediately screams my name to go play with him. I hate how he makes messes in the kitchen and has no awareness of how much of a burden he is for me or his parents.

Those things make him a kid, and I've come to realize I hate kids. Childfree for me!

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  • Kids are destructive little psychopaths who can't be arsed to care about anyone or anything other than themselves. They have to be taught that kind of thinking isn't right, and many parents don't bother with that because they think the world ought to bend around their precious issue, not the the other way around. Parents who don't parent are the best argument for childfreedom ever, and they're too stupid to know it!

  • I would say you need to get out of the house ASAP , clearly this is not a job for you !

  • And I would say I hope you don't have a job using words, since formatting and grammar clearly elude you. It's fun judging others, isn't it? :)

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