Receiveing pics

F(22) Is it just me but i love it when people send me pics of there own turns me on soo much.X

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    Are probably in on it too.

  • Get help my friend, these are not normal thoughts.... please join our fellow brothers and sisters, info below...

  • and are pedo's.

    Just a warning. I swapped some pictures with them then they started asking for illegal pictures and if you want to swap.

  • These two accounts pop up on many posts. I sent them some gifs with and embedded applet that captured their devices MAC Address and IP address and sent back to me...even if the fools think a VPN will help mask their IP address I have still have their unique MAC address. I have forwarded these onto the the authorities. I've been going through these forums hunting f****** like this.

    legalbeagle. com/2164407-report-suspected-pedophile-activity.html

  • Sure love swop with you

  • I love to show my brown hairy body and BBC. Email me at

  • Email me and we swap at

  • Let’s swap pics..

  • Please email me and i'll show you mine (m).

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