look, when I was there you made it

look, when I was there you made it clear I was a burden. So now I'm not there. I don't bug you, don't ask you for anything. Now you're upset that I don't call. I remember when I was waiting on the cash from my friend so I could make my trip. You offered to write me a check to 'get the h*** out' sooner. NOW you want to be buddies. YOU made it this way. YOU WANTED it this way. I 'infringed' upon you by 'being born'. You had the 'burden' of raising me. I'm doing EXACTLY what you wanted of me. I'M GONE. Why the h*** are you upset?

You don't know what the f*** you want. You never have and you never will. In the meantime, I'm here, I'm happy and you should be happy too. You chased me out, you chased steph out- you got your space. But you still want us to act like we had some happy special relationship. You wanted your boyfriends. You didn't want to be a mother. So we both gave you what you wanted. We left. Now you're upset. Too bad. For all the hurt you gave me- too bad. You GOT what you WANTED. And I am not a volleyball for you to drag back and abuse because you can't figure out whether you're coming or going. Stop acting like a victim. You're not. Besides you should have your boyfriends to make you happy now. Oh wait? What? They all left? They're all gone? Gee and they were SOOO important- more important than your own daughters.

Go ahead and whine. You f***** up and you know it.

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  • Well....what the f*** do you want? Instead of trying to be what others whant you to be why not be who you are and figure out what you want?

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