Valentines Dance

So there's a boy at my school who likes me according to my friend. Everything I pretty much know about him is everything my friend has told me. I'm friends with his ex girlfriend who I don't really like. Not because she's his ex, but I just don't like her personality as much, but she is still my friend.He's in my class and we're both kind of popular. My friend that tells me things about him is one of his best friends. I've never had a boyfriend. I could have, but I would really like to have that couple story of my first love was my last love. I would love to have my first boyfriend be the one I'm looking at when I'm one day walking down the aisle. I see a lot of people break up because they say they can't picture a future with each other so I kinda like being able to have a head start. I'm in seventh grade, so a lot of people have had boyfriends and it's awkward sometimes when they talk about their boyfriends. I've been asked out twice and I know a lot of people who used to like me. The boy I like now told me friend that he might ask me to the valentines day dance which is this Friday. I'm very nervous if he does because I don't know my answer yet. There have been two people I've liked before a lot a lot, and the boy I like now doesn't compare to them. I'm worried that if I can like two other boys more than him then that means he wouldn't be the one for me in the end. I know I'm very young to think about who I want to be with forever, but I just want that first love last love story so badly. I don't want to lead him on, but my friend does exaggerate sometimes so I really need to know him better. My reason for writing this confession is if you think I should say yes or no to the Valentines dance if he does ask? I know he's going though for sure, so even if he doesn't ask me, I'll see him. The friends I'm going with know I like him and they might say something and everyone says we would be a cute couple. I'm confused, and I'll take any advice I can get.

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  • It's a very sweet thought to think that you could meet 'the one" at 12. I'm not saying it can't happen to you or has never happened to anyone; but you may have to kiss a few frogs before your prince comes. What if your prince isn't in your middle school or high school? Or college? Are you going to turn away all these guys that may like you? As you get older, you will realize what you like and who you like now at 12 will probably be very different from what you like and who you like at 22. Advice, sounds like you're scared, and that's okay. Don't get caught up in how long will something last before it actually starts. Maybe you're not ready for what comes along in a relationship. You know, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do or you're not ready for. Take the pressure off..It's okay if the first guy you date that the relationship only lasts a 24 hours, a week or a month. If you do say yes to this boy, remember have fun. A valentines day date doesn't have to turn into a relationship, it could just be a fun date with a cute boy in your class. Just be open minded and let things happen naturally.

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