Glory hole

There was a slutty woman in my rural neighborhood and she told a few friends including me she was going to set up a glory hole in her backyard and any man was welcome to use it.

She said she enjoyed doing f****** and for me to come over before anyone else got there,

I was a bit excited and I visited her and sure enough there was a wall with a hole in it about the size to put a p**** through which I did.

I thought something felt strange. I couldn't imagine what was wrong but I stayed there till I came.

Her gay brother was doing the sucking. Man was I p***** off. I didn't speak to that woman for over a year after that.

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  • Your mom certainly had a certain zest for living.

  • Lol that made me laugh so hard.I am sorry man.Just tell her to suck u away from a glory hole as an apology

  • You got sucked what's the problem?

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