I Am A Troll

And I live in a hole

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  • They raise the rent on that nice bridge? Damn, dude. It'll get better though.

  • Hi troll eat a hole my a load of bunny holes for momma to enjoy you fool.

  • I get a big hit when I post a load of s***!

  • You need to pay some people to be your friends.

    You might then get a life.

  • Hey, excuse me but the comment
    looks like it's directed at someone
    could this be true ? if so do any of
    you know who you're directing
    your comment at ? if you do it's
    completely and totally anonymous
    I understand also the comments
    are the kind I would expect to get.
    Question; is this written about any
    particular someone because maybe
    I may have heard some things that
    are only insults. Question; is anyone
    familiar with anyone on social media
    if so which social media ? I don't know
    anything about and to be to the point
    I thought that what was written may
    have been about whoever's been
    commenting lately for the past few
    days, not here but some other site.
    If you know the one, the insult is
    there. It's explained in one of either a
    hundred comments one post or in one
    of over thirty on another post or in
    one of over forty on another post also
    when possible could anyone comment
    back with info about who wrote this
    and who it's about ?

  • Have you STILL not gotten back on your meds?

    There's a cure for your paranoia. It's called a bullet. Be sure to use the handy applicator.

  • Vaginal ??

  • It's an Alfred Hitchcock reference, moron! Learn a few things before attempting to converse with adults.

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