I am 20 year old and i do

He could you believe this . this is the time when i stud at the school me and my friend . one day she told me that we were studied at hole night for exam. i told ya. when we are
studing at night she told me can you leave this room for 10 minutes . ya .after 10 minutes she call me come in . when i entered in the room i saw that she is remove all the clothes and lay down on the bad. and telling what you want
i surprised . then she come and hold me and trying to kiss
i told this is wrong then she told what nothing is wrong we are good friends and after all i love you darling then i am
not understand tha what we doing right now but my mind is stopped working and do what she want doing s** hole night
first she removes my underwear and kiss my p**** and tell i want this at my mouth then we are doing and sleeping hole night without clothes

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  • I really hope you're not a native English speaker. I've never seen worse abuse of the English language in its written form in my entire life.

  • If this is true im jealous and i hope you both get murdered or something

  • Dude its great you got laid but maybe you should have been studying

  • Hahahahaha, good one.

    I have a feeling they were supposed to study English...

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