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Some evil girls stole my clothes and left me naked in a changing room behind the football bleachers. I basically was stuck naked in there not knowing what to do. A few minutes later boys came inside and took pictures of me with their phones. No days every one has them, so you can imagine how humiliated I feel with naked pictures of me floating around. I completely lost my dignity and reputations, witch was what those evil girls wanted in the first place. Convinced my parents to take me out of school but made them promise to not file charges and every one knowing what they did to me. It would have been treated as normal teen behavior and publicly humiliated all over again.

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  • Thats an easy lawsuit and if you know who stole your clothes you could have had them arrested personally i wouldnt have taken your picture like that i used ta get bullied too and im a guy against that kind of bullshi*

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