Mature men

I am attracted to men that are much older than me. I don't know why. I just want to date one in real life but they will never get attracted to me because they would think I am a kid even though I am 21. i hope I will find a mature strong man soon. i need love, I need to be loved, to love and just lose myself to him....

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  • I am 34, married with three kids, and the younger women I encounter daily - coworkers and cashiers at places I frequent - constantly flirt with me. This one cashier in particular, who is a freaking senior in high school, keeps walking me to my car to "help with the groceries", even when I say no. It's flattering, but annoying as f*** too, because I can't do anything about it. Where were all of these women when I was single?!?!

  • Girl started running with me, she too wanted s** with an older man. That was years back before I married my wife. I did what she wanted, and stopped when she took it far to serious. Told her there are others who can give you the sexual satisfaction you want. I had no other feelings beyond the s** with her.

  • I am nearly 50 and I found out years ago that younger women are very attracted to me.This one 23 year old single virgin(younger than my daughters) wants to marry me,a 22 year old was after me in the last couple of months but I could not find time for her.I have kids with a woman exactly 20 years younger than me,etc. I hope that,and many other responses you will get here,shows you that there are thousands of men out here who will find you attractive and want to know and date you. If you see and older guy you like,be brave and go after him. Enjoy.

  • Where can I get in line?

  • Hey ... I'm a divorced older man and I'm very interested in a young woman your age. Where are you?

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