I knew I was a lesbian several years ago, as soon as I became sexual. I was attracted to one of my mom's best friends. She had just started being bi, even my mom didn't know that about her and she still doesn't know. She's married and has kids. This woman and I sort of tried avoiding each other, even though we knew we were attracted to each other, but eventually we flirted one too many times, and kissed one too many times (for too long) and we just hooked up and kept on getting after it, harder and dirtier all the time. For a long time, it was just s** for me (really good s**), but for her, it was love and she kept telling me that, even though she knew I was hooking up with other girls my age and with women, too. But now, I've started falling in love with her. The s** with her is so much better than the others, which tells me that there is something more important happening between us than is happening between me and any of the others. I know I could get her to leave her family, but I know it would hurt her, and if we lived together or even eventually got married, it would hurt my mom. Still, I would love to have her to myself, and honestly, I would love to know that she ended her marriage for me. That would be so sexy. Just thinking about that happening makes me wet. I don't know what to do, but I love the idea of taking her.


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  • I hope you find happiness and peace with her

  • Hi girl, guilty one here too but I have found what I think is a wonderful balance. I met this other mom when our kids were toddlers in the same playgroup. Both of us were married and we found that we filled a gap. A l*** filled hot hot hot gap. We have stayed married to our husbands but us two girls have this hot hot exciting hidden s** life. You know in my opinion best for everyone. The kids first of all have a mom and a dad. They get parental attention and guidance and the security to be able to come home somewhere safe. Dad gets a wife and a I confess someone to have s** with. He has needs and wants too and I do love him. But the real sparks happen with my girl friend. I don't think the guys have any idea. Us girls have evenings out together and even girls weekends away. I am sure the husbands think we sit drinking tea and discussing romance novels and the sunset. In reality it is a kinky relationship. My gf is the dominant partner. She orders me around and spanks me. I am her sub.

    So my dear, she does not have to break up her family to enjoy you and you don't have to feel guilty because you only feel guilty if you think of relationships in a traditional monogamous male female minivan in the suburbs way.

  • I really appreciate your help and your input. It gives me several new angles from which to consider this situation. Although I am feeling more exclusive toward her, it doesn't mean I have to make her be exclusive toward me overall. She can have her husband, I really don't care. And she is already mostly exclusive with me, except for a few women her age that she f**** occasionally, and I know they can't compete with me anyway. So I'm going to talk to her about ways we can "commit" but not insist that she bust up her family (even though I have secret desire to have her all to myself: that may not be practical). THANK YOU!

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