Wish things could all happen again

I am a man in my 20s now and have always been fascinated by s**. When i was 15 one night my sisters fiance was hanging out with me and told me they were fighting and he was h****. I ended up sucking him until he came and we tried a*** but he was a little too big. That was my first sexual experience. The next night my older brother and his friend who i was obsessed with was there and i knew he had a monster in his pants and wanted to see it, so when my brother left and his friend actually made the first move so we messed around and it was amazing. Then about a year ago i ended up sucking and getting a*** from my older brother when we were drunk and after he came in both my holes he asked if he could f*** my drunk gf like he has many times before but never in front of me. I said yes and he came inside her twice and third he pulled out and came in my mouth.

Nov 2, 2014

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