I love bullying people

I must confess that I love bullying weaker people. I find kids at school who are easy victims and do whatever I can to make their lives miserable. I mock them, push them around and enjoy humiliating them. One time this pathetic little wimp actually started crying when I called him a sissy in front of his friends, pushed him down to the ground into the mud and asked his so called friends if anyone wanted to help him get up. no one did because they knew they would be next. Cowards. They deserve what happens to them. I came in my pants watching this poor little weakling crying because he got his sorry pathetic ass kicked. There is nothing wrong with bullying because weak people deserve it.



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  • Ahh, just like any insecure, abused little s*** who I imagine uses abusive daddy and manipulative mommy as an excuse. I imagine they taught you quite well.

  • I love it , make them lick your feet :O

  • Ahaha u r sick and u think it's cool? This might be the most miserable and funniest thing i've ever seen lmao Thanks for making me laugh ahaha u f****** dumb

  • Coolest thing I've ever seen f*** em up

  • Hahaha u cant be serious

  • I would like to create a group on facebook about bullying and foot fetish , whoever is interested can tell me it here

  • $crew "karma", it doesn't exist.

    Come at me sometime.

    I'm very polite and quiet. That's genuine, but it also very nicely conceals a... different side of me.

    Mistake my kindness for weakness and you will find that out. Unfortunately, you might not be able to speak clearly enough to warn other bullytards about me in the future.

    Roll the dice, amigo. Take your chance.

  • Too much of a pussay to reply? That's what I thought.

  • Same! I love being a bad person, I have always been the bully and I dint intend to change soon, been told I’ve got it coming to me one day, can’t wait to see that haha! No one would dare! And if you’re being bullied, good! You can’t stop us!

  • I really like your attitude , please contact me here : https://www.facebook.com/plof.plof.14 it's an anonym profile that i use to speak with bullies without the risk of be bothered by anyone , you already have someone that worship your feet ? :D

  • I love bullying too, but I'm a very selective bully. I don't go around bullying just about everybody, but I test my strenght once in a while.

  • I love bullying too , please contact me on facebook were my name is : Raggl Glabbr Flap , for obvious reasons it's an anoyim profile

  • I was wondering do you have any other talents? xD

  • Then contact me on facebook so i will dd you to a pro bullying group : https://www.facebook.com/plof.plof.14 :D

  • I am in

  • Then contact me , you didn't do that yet

  • Why you bugging that maggot, child? You were too much of a pussay to reply to my comment above. Maybe you should just hang up the "me big bad bully" thing and stick to your My Little Pony fetish, b****!

  • I am 6'7, "very" strong and, since I was a child, I took Martial Arts classes with my older brothers. I am a state wrestling champion and I entered my university thanks to a football scholarship. In all my life, I have never met anyone who could seriously challenge me, but I always looked for trouble. Once, I alone injured 3 guys from the visiting football team. The fact is that I love beating people. But I "like to beat bullies only". I always loved meeting bullies like you and torturing them publicly for months. In high school after a fight, I used to p*** all over the bully. Yes you heard it... I never liked teasing small guys and cowards because it wasn't funny. Now humiliating those guys that think they are the best is simply indescribable.

  • The moron left his contact info all over this page, do a reverse search and go to town on his flower ass!

  • Truthfully. I like bullying people too. But there are a reason why I do that. When i was in elementary school my friends always bully me, until I asked my mom to transfer me to another school. And, I dont know. exactly why.. I started bullying the weaknes in the second and third year of middle school (maybe the reason is I was a victim of bullying).

  • Are you okay...? I've been a victim of bullying since I was younger and I can certainly tell you that we don't "deserve it"...

  • That’s the reason you got bullied the first thing you ask are you ok. You should have said how the f*** can we get these a******* back, what can we do? If you punch someone they will stop. Knock their teeth down their throat. They May get up and kick the s*** out of you because they are bigger or tougher but after that they won’t. Even if they know they can kick your ass they won’t if they know it will be too painful to do so.

  • Uhh is that what your parents did to you:'((( Lmao well you f***** sorry to ruin your dreams (actually not lol) , but you're not the reason why that people r sad lol this is their own problem, no one care about you actually and it's a problem really easy to solve. But your problem is deeper and harder to solve cuz you're too dumb to realize how sick you are. Bhaha you really think people give a f*** about you oh how sad

  • Https://www.confessionpost.com/59110/proud-to-be-bullied

  • If i were with you i would helped you in the most coward way that i could :D

  • This is splendid , if i were in your same place ,i would help you to do that with some coward strategies :D

  • Think yourself over. The people you bully don't deserve it. They did nothing to you. just because they look weak doesn't mean they are inside. Even if they were weak they don't deserve to be bullied. Saying that you like bullying weaker people just shows that you have low self-esteem and you need to bully weaker people to make yourself feel more confident. To be honest, they aren't the weak pathetic little wimps, you are.

  • Wtf did I just read ?

  • Well my friend you've just red his story about how he loves bullying weak a$$ people. Don't like it then GTHO!

  • Shut up, keyboard commando

  • Rott in hel

  • Hmm i consider you should go rot in h*** with that poor A$$ grammar of yours (:

  • Haha you dumb or what? you can't even say hel in this website so you the one who needs to fix your grammar (:

  • Uh, dumbshit? The site does the censoring. Between that and YOUR sorry-assed grammar, you need to shut it and stay that way. No smiley face for you, either!

  • That is just sick and wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself, you are the one thats weak. You cant control your actions. Those people did nothing to you so it gives you no right to bully others. You are just a sad creep that enjoys watching the pain of others but deep inside that dark rotten soul of yours is the same pain. You hide behind all of this. Manup, get some help and leave those people alone you good for nothing idiot

  • What a D***!

  • Your probably the D*** yourself (:

  • That's hot. i'd love you to beat me up and laugh at me. i'll be your wimp sir. ;-)

  • Good , another one who know his place :D

  • Sick creep

  • What is ur email address?

  • People like this either end up in prison or they see the light. I'm 67 and I've seen both types. One a****** my age is in prison for life for murder. Another one preaches the gospel on facebook. You can never tell

    This guy is currently no good and if his ass doesn't get whipped and it probably won't it'll be a crying shame.

    I don't believe in karma.

  • You are truly a sorry and pathetic person. I hope you end up in jail.

  • Ok youre clearly doing this to get attention and comments, youre nothing more then a troll if anyone else is reading this PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS, this thread is hereby closed


  • I'll find you and to my list of wimps to kick

  • Let me help you!

    I love your attitude. I love hurting other girls feelings and ruining their relationships. Kicking their face in is a bonus.

  • My man a wonderful bully to have like you (:

  • If i were you id kill myself right now.

  • May god bless you with your horrible life (:

  • Think yourself over young lady!
    -dad of a victim

  • Look at yourself in the mirror, and kick your face

  • KYS

  • Get a life shameful girl

  • S*******. Do you notice that your making people suicidal one by one? KyS f**.

  • Me too i am one of those girls who is always blowing up relationships....i love it!!!!!

  • Https://www.facebook.com/plof.plof.14 i really like your attitude , contact me at this anonym profile , i use it for those kind of conversations :O

  • Https://www.confessionpost.com/59110/proud-to-be-bullied

  • Splendid , you should also force those girls to kiss your feet :D

  • Thats just sad, omg people look at yourself. Get your heads out of your a**** and imagine if that was your kid who was being bullyd. I can tell you are all teens and adults. And am just a 12 year old but even i can tell that you are all stupid jerks. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karma's a bit*h youll get yours soon enough & people like you need to be locked up and i hope you end up getting your as* kicked by someone you think is weak if it were legal i'd have your ass locked up for life without a possibility of parole the administrators of this site need to get their act together and track your whereabouts to have you monitored i cant say what i wanna do to you because i dont feel like getting myself thrown in prison

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