My wife and I

We are a happily married couple. We have been together 14 years now and basically within the first couple of months it became both of our sexual fantasy to have her shared with other men and women but especially young big hung black men. There is nothing hotter than a white wife being f***** by hung black dudes while her hubby sits with his little skinny hard d*** watching, her totally oblivious to what her husband is doing because she is in total erotic euphoria with a hard throbbing massive strange c*** banging her tight married p****.

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  • I've asked two of my wives and neither of them wanted to. I would have thought that it would be looked at as a great idea but that's not what happened. But then I also wanted to move to Paris and wife #1, who was an artist, didn't want to. Some things just don't make sense.

  • Why does a wife need a husband's permission. I have been doing blacks of all ages for 20 years not and love every one of them. Hubby has never found out yet. Brenda

  • Sounds like you're into the cheating aspect of it. He probably does know but accepts it. Some husbands like for their wives to cheat,it shows them how strong her s** drive is. The same with her willingness to f*** black men. It is considered not something a "good" white woman would do.

  • Why don't you post the details of your experiences on

  • I am a black man,I love doing white women,single married or attached.

  • I wish my husband would let me f*** a black man. Mmmmm

  • He might. Some love the idea of their wife being submissive to a big blackcock. To see her being used and loving it is HOT! So nasty as she c*** from a strong dom trains her to serve and spreads her legs for him as her husband watches. If you were married to me he would show up with friends that would stay in the living room while he takes you into the bedroom to f***.It would be so embarrassing to have them watch me as we hear you moaning so loud.

  • I'm a white man with a nice big c*** I'll help you out

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