I am strange

I wonder if men other than black men are attracted to black women nowadays

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  • I am a white guy and I love black chics... super sexy. I'm not talking about ghetto n****** that act like they are gang members, but all the classy black women who dress nice and act polite etc.

    There is a super hot black girl who is very polite at my work, I would love to f*** her seven ways from Sunday.

    I say hello to her every morning and she is super friendly and polite.

    Actually, thinking about it, there are multiple black girls at work I would love to be with.

  • H*** no, black guys dont want black women anymore, they see the beautiful long natural hair of a white women then see the nappy as* hair and cheap as* wigs of black women if they dont get them on their own they try to take them from us white guys:
    ..black girl + white guy = yes.
    ..black guy + white girl = FUC* NO

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