Black Men that look like Eddie Murphy Should Be Killed

They don't like sh*t eyed black men, that look like Eddie Murphy. They should all be killed! Power to freedom. Especially ugly black men that try to force you or control you to have s** with their smelly big black p****. Power to freedom!

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  • So, what about Eddie himself? Does he go, too?

  • All I can say about your dealings with the blacks is this: "uptown funk gon' give it to ya". If you don't believe me, just watch.

  • N**** what!

  • It sounds like you have had a very bad experience with a black man in your past, and I'm sorry for that. I'm a black man, and I know that not all of us behave as well as we should all the time. But I also know that that most of us are respectful and not controlling, and that many of us gravitate toward making love with white females (I am one of those black men). I won't bore you with my theories on interracial relationships, other than to say that both black males and white females are frequently merely responding to nature when we come together as couples or simply for physical relations. I know you're hurt by your experience, and again . . . I'm so sorry. But please, don't allow that history to cloud your judgment about the rest of the black male race, or about our ability to satisfy your sexual urges, whether within or without a formal relationship. I suspect you wanted something specific from your own black man, and what he gave you was something so different as to be damaging. Don't condemn the rest. I hope you'll find a way to reach recovery from what happened, and perhaps even find a way to love a black man. Or black MEN. We are waiting for you.

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