Divorce #2

Getting divorce #2 because I keep cheating on my husbands... I'm so sick syntheah, I can't stop myself from pretty much f****** any man I meet on the internet. I think I have a mental disability or something, I should up my ritolin and other meds I'm so sick and disgusting I wish he could forgive me but after I told him he is the father I really don't think it's his baby :(

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  • Love a woman like you. My former haircut woman is on divorce # 2 as well, and we've already gotten together. And, my ex-wife's former boss, Julie, was on her divorce $2 when she and I fked one afternoon. She was another one who, while professional, motivated, and very beautiful...Couldn't contain her inner s***. Let another branch manager fk her, too..

  • Would love to meet you. How can I contact you.

  • Jesus, I would love love LOVE to be your husband. Wow! You are really amAAAAAAzing!

  • Second... love a good fling and got the last one knocked up.. would love to give you some.

  • Tell us more please

  • Wow...i gotta meet you in person

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