Neglect the car

I got my first car soon after we got married and my husband bought me one. A Ford Mustang. I always get a Mustang. The thing is, I just can't be bothered with maintenance. I never do anything except put gas in it. Every now and then my husband notices the tires are low and he adds air. Other than that, I just drive the car until it doesn't run. I never change the oil or nothing like that. The Mustang I had before this one, which is six months old now, I was driving home from the beauty parlor when it started overheating. I didn't want to stop until I got home, and just as I was within a few houses of ours, the car blew up. But at least I didn't have to walk home. Yesterday, I had a flat tire, but had to run an errand, so I drove on the flat. When I got home, there was no more tire, just the metal wheel. My husband changed it but was real mad, for some reason. I didn't think it was such a big deal--it's just a tire. Well, I feel guilty in a way for going through so many cars and my husband having to keep buying me new ones. Does any one else not take care of their cars because it's such a drag?

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  • But you obsess over every single hair on your body and every square inch of skin, don't you.

    ** like you give women a bad name. And no, I'm not tacking on a simpering little smiley-face emoji at the end of this like a passive-aggressive c.unt.

  • I have a Sister like you. She keeps the Towing Companies in Business! Maybe if you had to pick up the Tab for doing dumb ** like that maybe your "Who gives a **" attitude would change.

  • I don't either. I have an old toyota and it just keeps running. The last time I took it in for an oil change, they said it was real bad, but it just keeps running, so I don't care. When it quits, I'll ask my hubby for a new one. You should get toyotas, they last longer.

  • I thought I was bad about neglecting my car, but this is insane compared to me. All I do is wait a little too long to get it tuned up or check the oil levels. The thing is though, this kinda sounds like the peeved spouse who's writing this about their significant other...

  • I think after God finished creating everybody else in the world,He created you last and gave you all the left over waste brains-the unwanted trimmings from the perfect creation of everybody body else. Find a brain Xchange program in your area and swap yours for a better one-like getting new oil in a car. How could your hubby be so stupid as to marry a money dump like you?

  • This is a trollish post. If real, you are an idiot.

  • Sure taking care of a car is a pain. So is taking care of a house or even yourself. But everything requires maintenance. You have to do it. But there's neglect and there's just stupidity. Maybe taking the bus will help you to respect taking care of your own property. The little things that were wrong with your car could have been prevented. And it most likely ended up costing even more money to undo the problems. Or maybe if you were to shell out your own money, you would see the value in taking care of things so they may last awhile. I can only imagine the other things you neglect in your life. If this some indication of the patterns in your life, please don't have children, pets or plants.

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