When my and my stepsister were around 14-16 years old we got curious about the other's body.
Anyhow on one night, we were watching tv on her bed (only she had a one in her room) she pulled my hand and pushed it around on her tummy, up to her b****** and short down.

This got more intense these 1-2 years while we were living door on door. Especielly when our parents weren't at home, I got into her room. Usually it was only touching woth clothes on but a few times I was holding her b****** and we both were really getting night we even met on the floor while our parents were asleep as we were h****.

This would all be fine, as I moved out now and were both in our mid-twenties now. But I really can't forget it/her, I would really like to sleep with her, but also know that I so would regret it...I'm also feared that we will party sometime(we've got some mutual friends) and we both would come to it, on the other hand that's what I want :/

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  • For God's sake, go for it!!! You're not genetically related.

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