Meand my cousin

One day in the house that we live in i was with my cousin in her room when i decided to ask her if she would let me touch her b******,but just when i was about to ask her my aunt camre into the room to letn us know that we were going to be alone in the house for a while so not to open the door to anyone and we said ok then i waited for a litte bit to make sure we were alone then i turn to my cousin and told her that i wanted to ask her something and she ask me what so i tol,d her that i was wondering if she would let me touch her b****** i didn;t know what her reaction was going to be ,but to my suprised she said bdefore i started to touch her b****** she ask me if i wanted her nto get undress and i told her that i would like to take off her shirt from her pijamas and she said ok so i took off her shirt an began touching her b****** then i notice that she was wetting really wet so i ask her if she would let me touch her somewere else and she ask me were so i said tom her that i would love to touch her p**** and again i didn;t know what her reaction was going to be but she said tes so i pull down her pants and stuck my hand down her panties but i was hard to keep touching her b****** and her p**** at the same time so i ask her if i could pull down her pants a little bit more and she said ok so i pull down her pants down to her knees and then i ask her if she would let me lick and suck her p**** and she said yes so i began licking and sucking her p**** till she came.

Jan 26, 2020

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  • Lots of people have had s** with cousins.

  • I had a similar thing happen to me with my female cousin only she wanted to touch me and I let her. As we are the same age and went to the same school I would help her with her math homework. She was very sexy with long Black hair, nice firm b****** and a perfect butt. I use to erections just looking at her. One day while were were studying she saw the bulge in my pants and asked if she could touch it. I told her she could. As she did I asked if she like to see it and hold it. She said she would so i pulled down my pants and let her see and hold it. The first few times she just fondled it. Then she started to stroke it To a point of my almost c******. She kissed it too. She did make me c** several times

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