Im 27 been married for 6years now and my husband is a great man but i just want a big d*** something he doesn't have and he knows this so im just hoping one day he'll let me stray until then I guess p**** extenders will have to work.

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  • You're most welcome. For me, the low-graphics/thoughtful and reflective approach emphasizing the naturalness, goodness and beauty of it makes the blog great. Far better a few excellent posts that dig into minds than tons of photos interspersed with grunts and word bombs. You learn about your sexuality without it being pornographic.

    Did any post[s] especially 'click' with you? Are you interested in discussion?

  • I only read the first post that I saw and I was thinking wow! someone gets me lol but I'll definitely will be visiting it more often.
    Discussion? YES

  • I'm wondering which article you read ... :) Also, would you consider e-mail for this? I'd like to point you to an article and have your feedback on it. E-mail just seems to be an easier venue ...

  • I'm wondering how much time has lapsed since you first posted. Are you any less interested in pursuing this? My guess is, maybe more.

    The community interested in this isn't shrinking or going home. It's far from where it should be; but it's far more 'public' than in the past. The internet lets people share ideas while protecting anonymity. That helps.

    Have you found the Cuckoldrix Awakening blog? Few articles there, but they delve into this and are well written. Some sites won't display off-site URLs, if this one does, you can check out ...

    Otherwise, google Cuckoldrix Awakening, check a few past articles, make a comment, and we can try to connect.

  • But the website you introduced to me is a really good interesting one thanks!

  • I'm somewhat more content now but I still think about it only fantasizing not thinking could it be real one day. But I have seen Cuckoldrix type websites...

  • This is a fascinating thread, and I'm wondering if the original poster is still here. Would love to have further discussion on this.

  • :) hi I'm here I got in email notifing me that there was a new comment posted so here I am.

  • Maybe you could get a few courtesy stitches, and get your huge p***y down to his size. I actually understand the desire for big d***, but unless his p**** shrunk after you got married, you made vows and you should live with it.

    If you ever find a big one and think you can try it once, you can't. Unless it tears you up and you hated the experience, you'll be a cheater the rest of your life. It's not a slippery slope, it's a cliff.

  • We didn't have s** until we were married.

  • I want one just for a little fun every now & again :)

  • You need a black handsome guy.

  • What state do you live in?

  • What state do you live in? I want to share with you G

  • Waiting on your reply babe! My d*** is hard thinking about you. G

  • ?? i dont know maybe

  • I am married and would like to share my big c*** with you, my wife's friend was like you and always complained not getting a big c*** so I ended up showing her one day and now she doesn't complain anymore. So if you would like to share this passion with me let me know G

  • Sounds like im what you want. love to show you

  • Ive talked to him about it already he doesn't want any man touching me he said. But 8 inches is the lease and thickness is a must no pencil d*** :)

  • I already have 2 bi racial kids dont want anymore. But although I really really want that big d*** Im scared to husbands really nice i think i will feel too bad afterward.

  • Talk to him and if he lets you,then you and I can get started to pleasure each other.How big a d*** to u want?

  • I wanna give you a big d*** now-we can be discreet about it,you can use protection so I dont knock you up and you end up with a nice looking child who might be bi-racial depending on what you are:)

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