Im 27 been married for 6years now and my husband is a great man but i just want a big d*** something he doesn't have and he knows this so im just hoping one day he'll let me stray until then I guess ** extenders will have to work.

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  • Nothing wrong with a girl wanting a large **.

  • Maybe you could get a few courtesy stitches, and get your huge p***y down to his size. I actually understand the desire for big d***, but unless his ** shrunk after you got married, you made vows and you should live with it.

    If you ever find a big one and think you can try it once, you can't. Unless it tears you up and you hated the experience, you'll be a cheater the rest of your life. It's not a slippery slope, it's a cliff.

  • We didn't have ** until we were married.

  • I want one just for a little fun every now & again :)

  • You need a black handsome guy.

  • What state do you live in?

  • What state do you live in? I want to share with you G

  • Waiting on your reply babe! My ** is hard thinking about you. G

  • ?? i dont know maybe

  • I am married and would like to share my big ** with you, my wife's friend was like you and always complained not getting a big ** so I ended up showing her one day and now she doesn't complain anymore. So if you would like to share this passion with me let me know G

  • Sounds like im what you want. love to show you

  • Ive talked to him about it already he doesn't want any man touching me he said. But 8 inches is the lease and thickness is a must no pencil ** :)

  • I already have 2 bi racial kids dont want anymore. But although I really really want that big d*** Im scared to husbands really nice i think i will feel too bad afterward.

  • Talk to him and if he lets you,then you and I can get started to pleasure each other.How big a ** to u want?

  • I wanna give you a big ** now-we can be discreet about it,you can use protection so I dont knock you up and you end up with a nice looking child who might be bi-racial depending on what you are:)

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