You make me hate myself.

I hate the part of me that makes me stay up late for you, even when I know you're too busy for me. We had a really hard day yesterday, and I helped you get through most of it, and now you're ignoring me. Whether you're doing it on purpose is irrelevant, because you don't seem to care either way. You never forget to check your phone when your friends (our friends) want to hang out, but somehow, we've gotten to a point where we both let you ignore me all day, and just forget about it when you finally text me back. I would never, ever let you cry yourself to sleep at night, so why do I let myself? I feel so pathetic when I let you do this to me, and I feel like a b**** when I confront you about it. I feel like I can't win. I don't know what to do.

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