I let someone black male me. Now he will not let me alone.

I told my husbands friend about a guy who I had s** with when he and I split up. I met this guy at a bar and we went to his place and had s**.
My husband and this guy had a nasty arguement and split up their company. When his old friend came ot get his equipment I talekd with him and he ask if I had let that guy get me lately. I said no, and then ask if he would tell my husband. He said he might do that just to p*** him off. I begged him not to, and right in the shop I pulled his zipper open and ask what i could do. that was a mistake, he let me give him oral, he then took me on the office sofa a few times.
He called and I had ot answer the phone, my husband will not talk with him, so he ask me things. I have to take him papers to sign. Every time he meets me at his new shop, I must give it up for him every time. Not just once, he will not stop until I am tired and sore.
I want to stop this I feel guilty letting him do me this way.

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  • Is he finishing inside you, or in your mouth?
    What are you doing for birth control? By your story sequence it didn't seem like there was time for protection to be gotten the first time, and I'm sure this p**** wants the maximum humiliation for his enemy (your husband), which would be to send you home with a womb full of his baby juice and a mouthful of it to kiss your hubby with.

    Just to help me get this straight, first you told your hubby's friend you had a one night stand while you were split up (for an argument, I imagine). I don't know why you would tell the friend if you didn't want hubby to know. You could have argued that it wasn't cheating and it was a one time drunk mistake, and neither of you will ever see the guy again (Did you use protection there?).
    Then, to keep your husband's now enemy from telling hubby about a maybe cheat he might not even believe, you start a long term affair with that enemy. Now you're regularly coming home with a sore pu*** full of the enemy's c** and the taste of it in your mouth. Is that pretty much it?

    If so, I don't think there's anything you can do but keep servicing this guy (get on birth control if you aren't already, and ask him to use a condom but he's going to say no and you can't make him).

  • Tell him you just tested Positive for HIV. He will leave you alone. If he tells anyone, just tell them he is p***** of at you for finding out he was a child molester. They will understand.

  • Black male gonna knock you up

  • Your lucky he hasn't taken pics of you for his memories and shared you wit a friend. To him you represent your husband that he gets to f*** every time you come over. You should never mess with someone that has less to lose than you. Your his w**** now.

  • Sounds like to me you like the s**.

  • I like s** very much, and he does it better than my husband. But I feel bad for doign this. I think I might tell him and get this over with. Now i worry my husband might shoot him, and or me

  • Just have fun with it. It wont last forever. He is bigger than your husband huh?

  • Black gonna knock you up

  • I say I hope he shoots ya both, you pushed him to it after all

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