i am still only in 8th grade. all of

i am still only in 8th grade. all of the guys in my grade are so immature and bash everyones feelings. they stole my friends personal journal and sat in a circle and read it and made fun of her. they make fun of me and my friends SO much. we all used to be best friends with them. only a few months ago actually. i don't know what happened. everyone tells me they will grow out of it and the same thing happened to them and by high school they will forget. but i think this is different. it is getting ridiculous. the things they do to people are terrible. i just want to go back to when we were best friends.

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  • You won't have any of the same friends when you leave school any ways!

  • I'm not there so I can't judge to situation, but you can, and it sounds like you're worried.
    I'm 27 years old and I know from exprience that kids your age can be terrible. Most of the time they do grow out of it, but sometimes things go to far before they do.
    If you think things will become worse, please fiind an adult who you trust. Is there a couselor at your school, or a nice teacher? Ask if you can talk to them and tell them what your former friends do. With the horrible details. Tell them your worries because they used to be your friends and tell them your feelings about solving this. Maybe your teacher/counselor can arrange a meeting with al the kids to tal kabout this.
    I know it's very scary to go out and talk to a grown up, but the way your former friends treat you and your journal friend is scary to. Maybe you and your journal friend can talk to a grown up together? This has to stop and an grown up you trust can help you.
    You're very brave for getting this out in the open and defend yourself like this. Go for it. you can do it, I know you can.
    And if the grown up starts about that they will grow out of it, let them read this.
    Please let me know here, how it went. Good luck to you!

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