I want to buy p*** but don't because my

I want to buy p*** but don't because my mom hates it and i think she would find it if i buy it but i'm almost 21 should i be allowed to have it or keep look at what my dad has when their not home

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  • No. Bottom line is you are living at under someone else"s roof. When you live in someone else's home you must abide by there rules (as long as they are neither illegal or immoral). If you want to view p**** you should move out and get your own place. Then you will be the one to set the rules as to what happens in your own home.

  • whats good p**** movie and mag to buy i'm also a little into incest with brother sister so if you know any invovling that let me know

  • go play world of warcraft

  • Try p*** in written books. Your imagination can be strong. You lose the visual kink. Next to that, hide them. Somewhere high and out of casual contact. Maybe in a text book. Depends on what you can find.

  • anyone else


  • my computer doesn't work to well and i want p*** i can view when i'm in my room so i don't have to wait till everyone is sleeping

  • pornhub.com

  • anyone?

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